Here we go!

This is my new site.

Here you will find my ramblings, views and news about tech, consumer electronics, Android, FOSS and anything else I feel like posting.

I have recently made a big lifestyle change: I quit my job working at Tesco.

Over the last couple of years I've been working full time for Skyscanner, the travel website, and for Tesco part time. Last week I handed in formal notice of my resignation from Tesco.

I will now have more time to update a blog properly, so this morning I decided to start with a clean slate and use Squarespace to set up a new site. I was so impressed with Squarespace I paid for a year subscription and registered a domain while I was at it. will continue to exist, but all its content has been imported here and will be my main site.

Here is to the next (web)page in my life.