Travels, Big Android BBQ, All About Android and more

I'm back, back in Yurp, and have got over the jetlag. Since I last blogged here, I've been to the US of A a couple of times. The first time was a vacation road trip from Seattle to the San Francisco Bay Area and back.

The second time was deliver a talk and attend Big Android BBQ in Texas and then revisit the San Francisco Bay Area.

As now customary, when in the SF Bay Area, I visited the new TWiT Eastside Studio and was a guest on All About Android. Beware: there be #murica shirt and goat puns as well as the best coverage and commentary on Android News. 

I now have no major trips planned before the end of the calendar year, so expect my ramblings here and on to be more meaty and more frequent. I'll be experimenting with blogging from my shiny new Pixel XL more.