Virgin Media Email: Rebadged Gmail

Here's something you may not know: if you have a Virgin Media email address (ending you actually have a rebadged Gmail address.

The user interface looked very Googly...

I found this out because I subscribe to Virgin Media's excellent cable broadband service and recently started using one of the email accounts that come with my subscription. The user interface of the webmail service looked/felt very familiar (Googly...). There was also the tell-tale "Copyright Google 2011" bit at the bottom of the page.

Just to confirm it all, I tried adding my email address to my Gmail client on one of my Android smartphones. It works perfectly and also synchronizes my contacts with the account.

You can add your email account to the Android Gmail client.

So if you are a Virgin Media subscriber and you are getting a new Android device and you don't have a Gmail account, there is no need to set one up. Your @virginmedia email address will be ideal for setting up and using your new Android device.

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