Picc0110's Photo Posts

Picc0110 is a friend of mine and in future he will be writing posts on this blog about digital photography, cameras and web photo services.
A Self-Portrait of Picc0110
Picc0110 is a twenty-something year old recent University graduate who is doing very little with life at the moment. [His words, not mine...]

To fill some time he recently decided to invest in a Canon DSLR camera (Digital Single Lense Reflex) - and is having lots of fun with it. 

The majority of his photos are completely unedited - this is due to his lack of Photoshop or GIMP skills. As time goes by he will write a few posts about how he gets on, what he's doing with his camera and what new things he's learning.

Please feel free to post comments/questions either here or on his Flickr profile and let him know what you think.