HP Replaces Leo Apotheker With Meg Whitman As CEO

HP has been like a soap opera of companies in the tech industry for the last couple of years. This time last year the company was embroiled in the Hurd saga, that consisted of lies, sex (or not sex), and scandal. Mark Hurd was replaced as CEO by Leo Apotheker who during his 11 months as CEO decided to kill off what used to be Palm (part of HP) and the excellent WebOS. Now HP have a new CEO: Meg Whitman.

This timeline of Leo Apotheker's time as CEO of HP on Bloomberg.com was what I found interesting. The chap hasn't really been a stable sort of CEO. I think he may be the sort of figurehead/scapegoat boards of directors choose to cut jobs and departments. Quick in, fire a few thousand people, quick out.

Lets see what happens to HP. Will Meg Whitman, former candidate as Governor of California reverse some of the decisions Apotheker made? As much as I would like HP to make a U-turn on WebOS and devices tied to the OS, I think it is highly unlikely since Meg Whitman was on the HP board of directors and probably was one of the Apotheker-puppetmasters...