Android 4.4 KitKat

Today Google officially announced the name of the next version of Android: KitKat.
I found about about from Sundar Pichai's post on Google Plus, and am pleasantly surprised to find out that this is the name given to Android 4.4.

There had previously been rumors and speculation about the next version of Android being called Key Lime Pie, in line with the tasty alphabetical naming of the OS. KitKat is a Nestle brand name, and it transpires that there is a commercial tie-up for the naming. There will be a promotion where you will be able to win Nexus devices and Google Play Store credit when buying promotional packs of KitKat in the USA.

I'll be in the US later this month and will no doubt be scoffing KitKat bars to win a Nexus device.

If you are in Edinburgh this Thursday evening (September 5th 2013) feel free to pop over to the Edinburgh Android User Group Meetup at Skyscanner HQ.