Nokia Tune Remake Won By V@leric

Nokia held a very interesting crowdsourcing competition recently to come up with a replacement/remake for the classic Nokia ringtone.

The Nokia ringtone has been alerting/interrupting the world for well over a decade now first with its monophonic, then poliphonic, then mp3 versions of the same classic tune. The original tune was composed by Francisco Tárrega in 1902, and was the first identifiable musical ring tone on a mobile phone.

This year Nokia crowdsourced the Remake of the "Nokia Tune". The competition was won by V@leric (aka VAS_SD, aka Valerio Alessandro Sizzi) with this "Dubstep" remix:
Hipsters rejoice! Dubstep will soon be alerting/interrupting the world (if Nokia doesn't die of Windows Phone 7...).

You can listen to the competition winner and the other entries here.

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