leg0fenris' Photostream [Flickr]

Since I was a child I have always been a fan of Lego and Star Wars. leg0fenris' photostream on Flickr is one of my favourite ones partly because it brings together Lego and Star Wars, partly because of the great quality of the photo compositions and the sense of humor.

Here's a slideshow of leg0fenris' photostream, from Flickr:

As well as Lego Star Wars compositions, leg0fenris creates compostions with Lego Special Forces figures. My favourite one is "Under Fire" which seems to have been taken in a high risk situation for the Lego figures...

"Under Fire" by leg0fenris. (2011) Some rights reserved
Feel free to click through to leg0fenris' photostream on Flickr and check his work out for yourself.

"Awesome" by leg0fenris. (2011) Some rights reserved
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