This Week in Google reaches episode 100! [Netcast]

Yesterday evening I watched episode 100 of This Week in Google, one of my favourite netcasts.
TWiG Episode 100 as viewed on my Ubuntu laptop.
This Week in Google, also known as TWiG,  is a netcast (or podcast if you prefer the term) available as a live video stream at at 2000 UTC weekly on a Wednesday and later as a download from TWiG covers the news and views on Google, cloud computing and social networking. The netcast often heads off on tangents that inevitably lead conversation to subjects such as the TV show Glee, the Chipotle fast food restaurant and food, and Jurgen Habermas (a favourite of Jeff Jarvis).

TWiG is usually hosted by Leo Laporte, Gina Trapani and Jeff Jarvis. Often there are guests involved in the websphere of cloud computing and social networking such as Kevin Marks, Chris Di Bona, Kevin Purdy, Matt Cutts and others.
As was said both in the love-fest that was the beginning of episode 100 and in the chat room, congratulations to Gina, Leo and Jeff and all involved in the show. I find it pleasant to watch/listen to and also enjoy the interaction the hosts and guests have with listeners in the chat room and on Twitter.

Here's to another 100000 episodes of This Week in Google!