Globul BG

Recently Candice and I went on vacation to Bulgaria. When there, I picked up a few prepaid sim cards so as to be able to use some of my devices without incurring expensive roaming charges.
Globul was the network which made the process of purchasing the SIMs the easiest, and the rates were in my view very reasonable. For Lev 9.90 (£3.98 / $6.42) I purchased a prepaid data only SIM with a 2GB data allowance. Even though the SIM was meant for data only devices (tablets, laptops, mifi etc) it worked fine in my OnePlus One, so I was able to engage in the usual social networking and play Ingress too.

If you plan on visiting Bulgaria and need a SIM, check out Globul and consider their network, I personally recommend them. The Globul network is also available in English :

OnePlus One

Today my OnePlus One arrived. The expectation was enormous, and it hasn't disappointed me.
My OnePlus One (CM11 Flux Theme)
The OnePlus One unboxing was fun and showed how much design went into the packaging (unlike the Samsung Galaxy S5 one). The overall feel of the device, with its sandstone texture is lovely. The multiple OTA update experience was less pleasant, but the final result I am happy with.
I think I'll keep the CyanogenMod 11S ROM on it for now with the Flux Theme applied. I hope to get the AOSP ROM on it at some point to see how it fares compared to my Nexus 5.
My OnePlus One with its lovely black sandstone finish.
I don't currently have any invites to give out, but I'll be happy to share when I do.
Feel free to leave comments and/or questions, I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have in the Google Plus comments.