During the night here in the UK, Polygon launched. Polygon is the SB Nation/Vox Media video game website which was incubated in The Verge for a while and is now out on its own at
The front page at launch
I had registered on the Polygon landing page earlier in the year and received an email during the night to let me know that Polygon had launched. I found the email very amusing and have decided to share it with you. So here's the text from the email:

A long time ago, on a landing page far, far away, you ignored everything your parents ever taught you and entered your email address into a form on the internet. While normally we would join your parents in frowning on this kind of behavior, this one time it seems to have worked out! You asked to be notified when — the new video game website from Vox Media — was live and well, friend ... today's that day.
So fire up your favorite web browser, be it desktop, tablet, or mobile-based, and load up: Polygon
So there you have it! They have launched and already have lots of great gaming related content on the site.

I also found Nilay Patel's article announcing the Polygon launch very amusing. You can check it out at The Verge here: Polygon is here!

Well done to everyone involved in the launch, lets hope this isn't a symptom of The Verge Fragmentation...

Goodbye Flash Player For Mobile

Adobe has announced that it will be discontinuing support of Flash Player for mobile.

In a statement posted on the official Adobe Blog by Danny Winokur, vice president and general manager of interactive development, Adobe conceded that HTML5 is "the best solution for creating and deploying content in the browser across mobile platforms."

Goodbye Flash Player For Mobile, for a while you were an extra competitive advantage of some mobile platforms (QNX, Android, WebOS, etc.) over others (Apple's iOS).

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