Social Networks Change Faster Due To Competition

Google Plus is now in Beta, which means anyone can sign up and start using Google's social network. Just go to and you should see the Doodle promoting Google Plus.
The Google doodle promoting Google Plus Beta

Once you are on Google Plus you get all the excellent features the new social network offers.
Google Plus Homepage
Facebook has just revamped and reorganised its homepage and layout. Many commentators on the interwebs claim that this is a knee-jerk reaction to Google Plus. This concept is pretty plausible and I'm inclined to go with it considering how many new "features" Facebook has rolled out since Google Plus's launch into field trial status. (excuse the pun, it was just too easy!)
The New Facebook Homepage and StatusNet have had a major upgrade since the weekend too! There were massive changes to the UI, to the APIs and social network. As well as updating your status, you can now post bookmarks, events, polls or questions. It's pretty sleek and an impressive step forward. Well done to Evan Prodromu and everyone involved in the upgrade.
The New Identica Homepage
Twitter hasn't changed much in the last few months. Twitter's users are still getting used to all the "new" fancy UI and features so it may be a while before they change anything.
Twitter's "New" Hompepage
Meanwhile more and more interweb users have never heard of or have forgotten about Myspace, Bebo and Friendster. I believe that Apple's social network is some sort of secret society that even Apple Fanboys and Fangirls have never heard of. Ping?!
Ping. It's a bit like a Secret Society.
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Google+! I'm awaiting an invitation...

Well well! The news has broken! Google's efforts to launch a social network have come out of the cover of the Googleplex and hit the public parts of the web.
The Google+ project webpage.

I visited the Google+ project page and got all excited when I followed the link through to the Android Market and installed the application on my HTC Wildfire S. The installation was smooth, and I ended up with a few new application icons in my Android app drawer.

Sadly, once launched, the Google+ app asked me to select a Google account I want to use to sign in and I ended up with this message:
Google+ is still in active development and not yet available to everyone. You need an invitation to sign in. Please check back later.
If anyone reading this post who can send me an invite would, I thank them in advance. I'm really looking forward to using this social network layer to Google services which should make Facebook become the next MySpace and Friendster. I'll update this post as things develop.

Feel free to send me an invite to Google+, and as usual to leave comments/questions as well.