How I'm Transferring Music To My Honeycomb Tablet [Linux]

In Linux some devices just don't work as they are designed to on other operating systems. I experienced one of these situations last week when an Archos 80 G9 was delivered to me and I was wanting to transfer some music over to it. I could have used a network share, but I still like being able to plug things in to my ageing Linux laptop and drag and drop files over.
The Archos 80 G9

On the specifications of The Archos 80 G9, in the system requirements for Linux it mentions "MTP Tool". A quick Google search and a Wikipedia click later I had learnt that MTP stands for Media Transfer Protocol, and is an extra series of packages that allow your favourite Linux distro to recognise and read/write to external media player devices. In the Synaptic Package Manager I found a useful package called gMTP. It works great on my Lubuntu machine.
Using the application is easy peasy, it is simply a drag and drop experience. While I type this post, I'm transferring my Jennifer Paige discography over to my Honeycomb tablet in the background...
Thanks to Darran Kartaschew and all those who worked on and made gMTP available.

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