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Todoleo Tech Blog Now Available on Kindle

I'm proud to announce that the Todoleo Tech Blog is now available as a subscription on Amazon Kindle.
Todoleo Tech in the Kindle Store.
You will be able to download the blog and read it even when you are not wirelessly connected with your device.

To find it in the Kindle Store just search for the word "todoleo" and Todoleo Tech should be the one and only result.

The subscription has a free 14 day trial and is then £1.99 per month.

Don't fret! I won't be putting up a paywall! You will still be able to read the Todoleo Tech Blog for free here on

Todoleo Tech Blog App

I have just submitted my first application for approval!

Some of you may expect me to have prepared an Android application, a Linux one or maybe even a WebOS one. If you know me, you can remain certain that the application was definitely not for Apple's iOS, but strangely it was for the Nokia Ovi Store. That's right, the Nokia Ovi Store!

I've submitted an application called Todoleo Tech Blog. Users of the application will be able to keep up to date with this blog on their Nokia handsets.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me, I'm hoping to have the Todoleo Tech Blog application approved by the end of the week.