New Yahoo Mail Is Shiny!

This morning I logged into my Yahoo Mail account. I don't do it often, but I just wanted to check and see if the new Yahoo Mail had been rolled out to my account.
Lo and behold, I now had the new Yahoo Mail. I've played around with it for a while now and must say I'm quite enjoying the web interface. As with other webmail services, you can personalise themes with background images. The real added value no other webmail providers offer is the 1 terabyte (yes! 1 TB!) storage. For me, that's potentially one TB of Wobbles image and video emails that Candice and I can send each other. The new Yahoo Mail works great on my old laptop running Lubuntu on both Firefox and Chromium.
I'm tempted to install the Yahoo Mail Android application and use it on my Android devices too. I suppose this is a good way to keep me out of trouble while I wait for the Nexus 5...

Are you using the new Yahoo Mail? Do you have any comments and/or questions? Feel free to leave a comment below through the Google Plus commenting system. I wonder how long it will be before there will be a Yahoo Plus commenting system...

Bing For Android [Not Reviewed], Fail!

I was going to review Bing for Android, Microsoft's search engine's app for Android. I can't do the review and this post will explain why.
I would love to install the Bing app on one of my many devices...
I tried searching for the Bing application on my current main Android device (a ZTE Skate also known as the BAP) and it would not appear on the Android Market. Having had no luck finding it, I swapped phone and used my Samsung Galaxy Pro. No luck with that device either. Thinking all this was very strange, I then picked up my Archos 80 G9 Honeycomb tablet and searched for Bing in the Android Market. I was relieved to fing "Bing - Microsoft Corporation" but when in the Android Market description page was faced with this:
"This item is not available with your operator."
I was quite annoyed by this. I logged onto on my laptop and found the Bing application. When trying to select a device to install the application to I was faced by a list of 11 devices the application is not compatible with.
"This app is incompatible with all of your devices." Bing Fail!
So that's how what was going to be my review of the Bing app for Android turned into another blog post about Microsoft failure. I hope this is covered in the Linux Outlaws' Microwatch segment next week because it is really worthy of it in my opinion.

Microsoft have seen some sense (HTC pun not intended) and decided to get their search engine onto the fastest growing and soon to be dominant smartphone/tablet platform (mostly open source too!). They are not doing too well if their app is not compatible on my 11 devices which range from low-end low-res screens to high-res tablets.

I look forward to Microsoft sorting this out and being able to review the Bing app for Android at some point in the future...

As usual, feel free to leave comments and/or questions below.

Rugby World Cup 2011 Android App

This is an excellent app I have been using to follow what is going on (early in the morning for me) at the 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand.

The RWC 2011 Android Application is available for free in the Android Market (here's the link). The Homescreen to the application is simple enough: six buttons which take you to the main sections.
Match Centre

My favourite and most used sections are the News one and the Match Centre one. Here you can follow matches live (as I have on my way to work a few times), read the latest news and keep up to date with events in the southern hemisphere at the RWC.

In the video section you can also watch highlights (or depressing video evidence of defeat) from matches (beware, it can be very data intensive). The Team section lets you interact with other fans, find out more about the stadia used and New Zealand as well as purchase match tickets.

Well, I had better get back to the second quarter final of the day. France are beating England at half time.

Blogging On The Move

I'm on my way to an appointment using public transport.

Using one of my older Android devices to post the entry using the Blogger app, I just want to point out how good the Nokia 5230 is as a portable media player.

The music player is fantastic. I'm listening to an episode of This Week in Tech (TWiT) which is quite long (2 hrs). Pausing, resuming and scrolling through the content is really easy. It's much easier than it is on my Android devices' media player software.

Just sayin'!

Todoleo Tech Blog App

I have just submitted my first application for approval!

Some of you may expect me to have prepared an Android application, a Linux one or maybe even a WebOS one. If you know me, you can remain certain that the application was definitely not for Apple's iOS, but strangely it was for the Nokia Ovi Store. That's right, the Nokia Ovi Store!

I've submitted an application called Todoleo Tech Blog. Users of the application will be able to keep up to date with this blog on their Nokia handsets.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me, I'm hoping to have the Todoleo Tech Blog application approved by the end of the week.